About Paul Schrader

 Paul_Picture_25percent.pngA Lifetime of Public Service

Paul Schrader has served in city, county, and federal law enforcement for over 30 years.  He is a currently-serving Los Angeles County deputy sheriff and he is a Marine Corps veteran.  Paul Schrader is running for Sheriff of San Bernardino as a Constitutional Sheriff.

A native of Piggot, Arkansas, Paul began his life of public service early in life as Boy Scout and a law enforcement Explorer.  He enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1981 after high school where he was shipped off to boot camp in San Diego, California and became an MP assigned to work as an undercover narcotics operative at the Naval Investigative Intelligence Service (NIIS). 


After Paul’s service in the Marine Corps he was hired by the LA County Sheriff’s Department in 1985.  Since then, he has built an extensive law enforcement management resume including jail supervision, logistics team member, risk analysis supervision, public information officer, and patrol and legal unit supervision.

In 1987, Paul returned to his home in Arkansas where he worked for the West Memphis Police Department.  There, he met and married his wife Judy where they began their lives together.  After nine years on the force in West Memphis, Judy and Paul decided that California would be a safer place to raise their children, and it would provide their family more opportunity than what Arkansas had to offer.  So in 1996, Paul and Judy picked up their two girls (they have 5 now) and returned to California where he had begun his career.

Paul has also served as a supervisor in Film and Media Operations in Los Angeles and was selected as part of a team to facilitate the merger of two law enforcement agencies where he assisted in developing staffing procedure and overtime protocol.  Additionally, Paul’s experience as an audit team supervisor helped to educate him on how to most effectively use the Sheriff’s Department budget to the benefit of tax payers and deputies. 

Paul is proud to have been endorsed by Sheriff Richard Mack of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA).  He takes his oath to defend and protect the Constitution and the Bill of Rights very seriously.  His duty is first and foremost to protect the rights of his constituents to free speech; self-defense; due processes contained in the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments; rights of the people to be free of cruel and unusual punishment; and the rights of the states to govern themselves less those designations delegated by the Constitution to the federal government.  Paul believes it is the duty of the County Sheriff to interpose when the federal government oversteps its limitations.


Paul lives in Rancho Cucamonga with his wife Judy and their five girls.  He is running for Sheriff of San Bernardino County to make it a better place to live for them and for his community.